1. IV Tallinn International Piano Competition will take place from 25th of November to 3rd of December 2021 in Tallinn. All rounds as well as the awards ceremony will be held at the Great Hall of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

2. The competition is open to all pianists up to the age of 32 (born on or after 20th of November 1989).

3. The deadline for registration is 1st of October 2021. Invited candidates will be informed about their acceptance no later than two weeks after the end of the registration deadline.

4. The participation fee is 80 euros, which have to be paid November 1st 2021 the latest. The fee cannot be refunded.

5. The competition is held in 3 rounds. Maximum of 14 candidates will be admitted to the 2nd round (but no more than 50% of the participants performing in the 1st round). Maximum of 6 pianists will be admitted to the Finals. The jury will consist of 5 internationally recognized pianists and professors.

6. The finalists will be awarded with the following main prizes:
1st prize 10 000 EUR
2nd prize 7000 EUR
3rd prize 4000 EUR
Three diplomas, á 1500 EUR

In addition several special prizes will be given. The jury has the right not to give out prizes, redistribute the prize money or give out special prizes.

7. All decisions of the jury are final and non-negotiable.

8. If a participant has been a student of a member of the jury during the last two years preceding the competition then the member of the jury will abstain from voting on this participant’s performance.

9. All the works in the competition program must be performed from memory. No work can be performed twice during the competition.

10. Jury has the right to interrupt the performance if it exceeds the time limit or if the performance does not meet the professional criteria.

11. Organizers of the competition have the right to photograph the competition, to record and broadcast the competition in video or audio on radio, television or on the internet and reproduce the recordings. There will be no fee for the performances.

12. All competition rounds are open to the public.

13. The competitors are provided practising possibilities in the rooms of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

14. In the Finals the competitors will perform with the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra.

15. The finalists will have at least one rehearsal with the orchestra.

16. The order of performance will be decided by drawing the lots. The order will remain unchanged during the competition. It is obligatory for all the competitors to participate at the drawing of lots.

17. In the event of a competitor becoming ill the competitor might gain the right to perform as last in the round. This right is only given based on a medical certificate by a doctor. In case the order of the performances is changed the new order will stand until the end of the competition.

18. Travel and accommodation costs are covered by the competitors themselves.

19. For acquiring information about Estonian composers and their works, also for ordering scores please contact Estonian Music Information Centre:

20. By registering for the competition, participant accepts the competition rules.
Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre 2021